June 24, 2020

    What Does the Future Look Like for Natural Gas?

    Today’s leaders in the energy industry are discussing the possibility of a global transition away from fossil fuels.
    October 22, 2019

    The Science of Coal

    Coal is a fossil fuel that plays a crucial role in meeting global energy and development needs.
    May 23, 2020

    More Walking, Less Oil: How One City is Looking to Reduce Fossil Fuel Consumption

    The City of Santa Barbara, California has embarked on one of the country’s most ambitious plans to support walking instead…
    October 18, 2019

    Is the Concept of Energy Independence Just a Pipe Dream?

    Foreign policy experts have said that creating energy independence by drilling endlessly for oil may amount to political rhetoric, and…
      August 19, 2020

      Trump Opens the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for Oil and Gas Drilling

      The Trump administration was given the green light to open up the Arctic to oil and gas operations.
      August 16, 2020

      The Trump Administration Dismantled Obama-Era Methane Regulations

      Trump is moving forward with his fossil fuel agenda.
      August 10, 2020

      Keystone XL Is on the Verge of Becoming a Zombie Pipeline

      Four years after having the permit reissued, the Keystone XL Pipeline still has not been fully constructed.
      August 2, 2020

      Energy Utilities and Dark-Money Loopholes

      A problematic situation has been brewing with the nation’s fossil fuel utilities.
      July 26, 2020

      Methane Emissions Are Soaring

      New scientific research has now established a firmer link between methane emissions and fossil fuels.
      July 21, 2020

      One Country is Experiencing Detrimental Impacts from Gas Flaring

      Natural gas flaring has been shown to adversely impact air quality.


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