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  • All About Nuclear

    As the world looks to shift away from fossil fuels, nuclear energy is a popular option. However, as nuclear energy is under scrutiny, having been called a safety risk, there are a lot of factors to understand about this energy source. Firstly, nuclear energy is not a renewable energy, but a nonrenewable alternative to fossil fuels in generating energy around…

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  • AlternativesPhoto of Russia Goes Nuclear

    Russia Goes Nuclear

    In December 2019, Russia put its first floating nuclear power plant online. The boat-based facility, called Akademik Lomonosov, is in the North Pacific Ocean off the Chukotka tundra. It’s a relatively barren area, with roughly 50,000 residents within the whole state. The build replaces the outdated Bilibino nuclear power plant, which was built in 1974.  It has two KLT-40S nuclear…

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  • Natural GasPhoto of Traveling Natural Gas

    Traveling Natural Gas

    Natural gas goes through several stages and processes to become the energy that powers homes, businesses, and everything in between. The fossil fuel is found through exploration, which helps companies decide where to dig. It is then extracted from its underground reservoirs, then its time to prepare it before transportation. Production By the time natural gas is ready to be…

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  • AlternativesPhoto of Saudi Aramco heads into new waters

    Saudi Aramco heads into new waters

    Saudi Aramco goes public

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  • AlternativesPhoto of Changing the Energy Grid

    Changing the Energy Grid

    DOE’s Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy has earmarked $43 million to aid carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology development.

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  • Natural GasPhoto of LNG to Railways?

    LNG to Railways?

    In October 2019, the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHSMA) published a notice of proposed rulemaking that would add language to the Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMR) in order to allow liquefied natural gas (LNG) to be transported by rail. Currently, the HMR lists only highway or barge as appropriate methods to transport the energy source. The change was submitted…

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  • CoalPhoto of Keystone Carries On

    Keystone Carries On

    TC Energy Corp finished repairs last month after spilling more than 383,000 gallons in North Dakota at the end of October 2019. That spill was the fourth spill in three years for the passionately-debated Keystone Pipeline. But, one corridor of the pipeline is holding strong. The city of Port Neches in Texas has just shown its support for the crude…

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  • Natural GasPhoto of Top Players in Natural Gas

    Top Players in Natural Gas

    Overall, the top 40 natural gas producers in the United States saw a positive year-over-year change in production. At the end of the second quarter this year, the total million cubic feet reported by the Natural Gas Supply Association was 39,797 million cubic feet per day. This was about a 1,500 difference from 2018, which pumped out 37,087 million cubic…

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  • CoalPhoto of Plastics Depend on Fossil Fuels

    Plastics Depend on Fossil Fuels

    Nearly 100 percent of what goes into plastic is derived from fossil fuels. The plastic industry is powered by the fossil fuel industry.

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  • AlternativesPhoto of Another “Game-changer”

    Another “Game-changer”

    Methane hydrate is a newly discovered source of natural gas. It lies deep under sea beds and within permafrost. The U.S. Department of Energy describes it as a “cage-like lattice of ice” that is trapped by methane molecules. The “fire ice,” as it is also referred to, is formed in the sweet-spot of low temps and high pressure of continental…

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