Natural Gas Supply Association

  • Natural GasPhoto of Traveling Natural Gas

    Traveling Natural Gas

    Natural gas goes through several stages and processes to become the energy that powers homes, businesses, and everything in between. The fossil fuel is found through exploration, which helps companies decide where to dig. It is then extracted from its underground reservoirs, then its time to prepare it before transportation. Production By the time natural gas is ready to be…

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  • Natural GasPhoto of Top Players in Natural Gas

    Top Players in Natural Gas

    Overall, the top 40 natural gas producers in the United States saw a positive year-over-year change in production. At the end of the second quarter this year, the total million cubic feet reported by the Natural Gas Supply Association was 39,797 million cubic feet per day. This was about a 1,500 difference from 2018, which pumped out 37,087 million cubic…

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