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  • CoalPhoto of Why Banks are Refusing to Fund Fossil Fuels

    Why Banks are Refusing to Fund Fossil Fuels

    With global trends experiencing a paradigm shift and transitioning to cleaner sources of energy, there is also greater accountability to be given to those engaging directly or indirectly in fossil fuel activities and business. The focus is now on financial institutions, indirectly contributing to environmental degradation and climate change by funding, financing, or loaning companies with stakes in fossil fuel…

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  • AlternativesPhoto of Top Five Countries with the Most Fossil Fuel Resources

    Top Five Countries with the Most Fossil Fuel Resources

    There has been a constant need for energy generation in order to enable adequate functioning of various aspects of human endeavor, and although there have been calls to explore cleaner alternatives as may be found in renewable sources of energy, one cannot underestimate the contributions of fossil fuels to global energy generation and consumption. Thus, despite the rapid growth of…

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  • CoalPhoto of Plastics Depend on Fossil Fuels

    Plastics Depend on Fossil Fuels

    Nearly 100 percent of what goes into plastic is derived from fossil fuels. The plastic industry is powered by the fossil fuel industry.

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  • PetroleumPhoto of Shale is shaking

    Shale is shaking

    This quarter has brought on even more speculation that the high production of shale, called the “shale boom,” is slowing down in the United States. NPR reported in late November that oil demand is dropping, alongside prices, “signs of a crisis that’s quietly roiling the industry” the media outlet stated. Since the beginning of 2019, oil production increased by one…

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  • CoalPhoto of Administrations Shape Industry

    Administrations Shape Industry

    Upon electing President Donald Trump, the United States was told it was moving toward self-sustaining energy dominance. Coming off the Obama administration — which passed environmental rules such as the Clean Power Plan and rollbacks on land leasing for fossil fuels — it would seem this president is taking the “crisis” out of global climate concerns and is instead leaning…

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