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  • CoalPhoto of Why Banks are Refusing to Fund Fossil Fuels

    Why Banks are Refusing to Fund Fossil Fuels

    With global trends experiencing a paradigm shift and transitioning to cleaner sources of energy, there is also greater accountability to be given to those engaging directly or indirectly in fossil fuel activities and business. The focus is now on financial institutions, indirectly contributing to environmental degradation and climate change by funding, financing, or loaning companies with stakes in fossil fuel…

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  • CoalPhoto of How Fossil Fuels are Used to Generate Electricity 

    How Fossil Fuels are Used to Generate Electricity 

    The world is constantly in need of electricity, as it drives human activities and keeps the world in motion. To cater to practically every need, every year we consume more than 24 PWh of electricity. That is 24,000,000,000,000,000 Wh/year (Longo, 2019). While 10.7 percent of this is comes from nuclear power, and 23.9 percent from renewable sources, fossil fuels are…

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  • AlternativesPhoto of Top Five Countries with the Most Fossil Fuel Resources

    Top Five Countries with the Most Fossil Fuel Resources

    There has been a constant need for energy generation in order to enable adequate functioning of various aspects of human endeavor, and although there have been calls to explore cleaner alternatives as may be found in renewable sources of energy, one cannot underestimate the contributions of fossil fuels to global energy generation and consumption. Thus, despite the rapid growth of…

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  • CoalPhoto of The Impact of Fossil Fuels on the Environment

    The Impact of Fossil Fuels on the Environment

    One thing that will remain true about human nature is the quest for development; and in this quest, as is seen through the ages, man will utilize as much as possible, all resources, natural and non-natural, physical and abstract, lasting and ephemeral. One particular set of resources in light of this is fossil fuels; particularly useful in the production of…

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  • AlternativesPhoto of Changing the Energy Grid

    Changing the Energy Grid

    DOE’s Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy has earmarked $43 million to aid carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology development.

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  • CoalPhoto of Plastics Depend on Fossil Fuels

    Plastics Depend on Fossil Fuels

    Nearly 100 percent of what goes into plastic is derived from fossil fuels. The plastic industry is powered by the fossil fuel industry.

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  • Natural GasPhoto of Prices and Oil

    Prices and Oil

    As of late November 2019, oil prices hit the lowest point of the entire year. This is something that President Donald Trump called “a big Tax Cut for America and the World” on Twitter. However, the international market doesn’t see it that way. Of the 10.96 million barrels per day produced in 2018, 59 percent (about six million) was from…

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  • PetroleumPhoto of Shale is shaking

    Shale is shaking

    This quarter has brought on even more speculation that the high production of shale, called the “shale boom,” is slowing down in the United States. NPR reported in late November that oil demand is dropping, alongside prices, “signs of a crisis that’s quietly roiling the industry” the media outlet stated. Since the beginning of 2019, oil production increased by one…

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  • AlternativesPhoto of Wind Power and Fossil Fuels

    Wind Power and Fossil Fuels

    You may have seen the massive wind turbines driving on rural highways or images of these energy behemoths constructed in the ocean. Utilizing the wind’s kinetic energy, blades collect air and lift causing them to turn a drive shaft. This rotator is when electricity is generated. However, wind farmer operators must consider where is the best place to harvest this…

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  • AlternativesPhoto of Solar Power and Fossil Fuels

    Solar Power and Fossil Fuels

    Those who criticize the use of fossil fuels because of the damage done to the environment often applaud renewable energy for its little-to-no emissions and pollutants. Though the amount of radiation to hit the Earth’s surface per hour is more than the total energy consumed per year, solar power is not as popular as water, wind, or biofuels as an…

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