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  • All About Nuclear

    As the world looks to shift away from fossil fuels, nuclear energy is a popular option. However, as nuclear energy is under scrutiny, having been called a safety risk, there are a lot of factors to understand about this energy source. Firstly, nuclear energy is not a renewable energy, but a nonrenewable alternative to fossil fuels in generating energy around…

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  • AlternativesPhoto of Russia Goes Nuclear

    Russia Goes Nuclear

    In December 2019, Russia put its first floating nuclear power plant online. The boat-based facility, called Akademik Lomonosov, is in the North Pacific Ocean off the Chukotka tundra. It’s a relatively barren area, with roughly 50,000 residents within the whole state. The build replaces the outdated Bilibino nuclear power plant, which was built in 1974.  It has two KLT-40S nuclear…

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  • AlternativesPhoto of Changing the Energy Grid

    Changing the Energy Grid

    DOE’s Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy has earmarked $43 million to aid carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology development.

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