coalbed methane

  • Photo of Another “Game-changer”

    Another “Game-changer”

    Methane hydrate is a newly discovered source of natural gas. It lies deep under sea beds and within permafrost. The U.S. Department of Energy describes it as a “cage-like lattice of ice” that is trapped by methane molecules. The “fire ice,” as it is also referred to, is formed in the sweet-spot of low temps and high pressure of continental…

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  • Photo of Natural Gas Hitting Records in the U.S.

    Natural Gas Hitting Records in the U.S.

    Natural gas, like other fossil fuels, is formed from the remains of plants and animals that had millennia to decompose. This organic matter is compressed by layers of sand, silt, and rock. It is made up of various components, such as hydrocarbon liquids, carbon dioxide, and water vapor. But the most dominant component is methane.  Ten countries account for more…

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